FLOW (vinyasa yoga)

FLOW (vinyasa yoga)

A vinyasa-based movement practice intelligently sequenced around a theme or towards a peak posture. This class is sure to increase your heart rate with its challenging movements rooted in strength, flexibility, and balance. We recommend having a yoga block with you for these classes. (or a stack of books).

FLOW (vinyasa yoga)
  • Flow: Slow Burn Hip Opener (50 minutes)

    Martha leads this slow burn to gently warm and open the hips while relaxing the mind and calming the nervous system. Use this class to relieve stress on days you have a little extra time to care for yourself! Come with a block or stack of books for extra support.

    Please always consult a doctor...

  • Flow: Full Body (33 Minutes)

    Martha leads an invigorating full body Flow. This class will have you working hard, but finishes with a releasing stretch and a few moments of relaxation.

    Please always consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise program, especially if pregnant, newly postpartum, recovering from injury,...

  • Flow: From the Floor (18 minutes)

    Join Martha for a Floor Flow - an invigorating class fully from the mat. No props needed.

  • Flow: Hamstring Opener (21 minutes)

    Join Martha for a hamstring (and heart) opening mini flow! This class uses a yoga block or stack of books for support.

  • Flow: Grounding (30 minutes)

    Martha leads a grounding flow using yoga blocks (or stacked books) for support.

  • Flow: Spine Extension (20 minutes)

    A quick flow focused on back bends and spine extensions. No props needed!

  • Flow: Hip Opening (23 minutes)

    This flow is centered around the Figure 4 pose and hip opening moves. No props needed!

  • Flow: Twist (25 minutes)

    An invigorating flow, centred around twists. No equipment required, just your mat and some water!