RESTORE (yoga)

RESTORE (yoga)

A slow class to renew and relax. Get into your comfiest clothes, grab some blankets and pillows and meet us on the mat. These classes are sequences of restorative postures intended to down regulate your nervous system and calm your mind.

RESTORE (yoga)
  • Restore: Mini Relaxation (20 minutes)

    Martha leads a restorative flow perfect for slowing down and relaxing. Have a blanket and bolster (or stack of pillows) nearby to comfort your body.

    Please always consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise program, especially if pregnant, newly postpartum, recovering from injury, nursin...

  • Restore: Relaxation (32 minutes)

    Relax with Martha in this gentle restore. Using a bolster (or pillows!) and a blanket to get cozy.

  • Restore: Unwind (40 minutes)

    A restorative practice to relax and down regulate your nervous system. Using a mat, blanket and a bolster. If you don't have a bolster, grab a few pillows from your bed or couch!